Kheper Games Introduces 'Laid!' Gum

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games has introduced "Laid!" gum.

The product is described as a playful spoof of popular brand name gums and gives the appearance of the typical pack of gum someone might offer a friend when they are out together.

Kheper sid the humor comes into play when that person realizes it’s “Laid!” gum and notices the clever graphics on the back that demonstrate how fresh breath, plus talking to someone attractive, equals "Laid."

“We are very excited about this product launch as it has been our most successful ANME product (pre) introduction to date,” CEO Brian Pellham said.

He added, “It’s a simple and easy impulse buy that most of our customers plan to place near their register. Just about everyone buys a regular pack of gum impulsively at minute marts and in grocery check-out lines. Why shouldn’t we also have the same impulse buy in adult stores as well? Well… Now we do.”

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