All-Purple ToyJoy Line to Debut at Scala Fair

Rhett Pardon

ALMERE, The Netherlands — Scala Playhouse plans on introducing a new ToyJoy toy line during the Scala Fair, which starts Sunday and concludes Monday.

The new ToyJoy line is called Shades of Purple; and, of course, the entire line is all-purple.

"Shades of Purple answers to the average female ‘non-niche’ target group," Scala reps said. "The women buying these toys are just starting to discover adult toys or are just down to earth women who prefer toys that are generally acceptable, body safe, and just do the job. The soft toned purple color emphasizes the non-threatening and decent image.

"There will be enough to fall in love with during the coming Scala Fair. This time, the fairground will be dominated by a sexy autumn vibe and a lot of new products and brands will be released. Scala Playhouse will offer its customers the possibility to participate in some great contests to win spectacular prices."

The Scala Fair, Sunday through Monday, offers discounted sex toys and adult DVDs. The fair, a cash-and-carry event, will start at 9 a.m. and last until 6 p.m.

Scala's Alamere showroom is located at Rondebeltweg 2, 1329 BA Almere, The Netherlands.