Marc Dorcel Celebrates 35th Anniversary

PARIS —Marc Dorcel is celebrating its 35th anniversary, the high-end European adult producer announced today in a release.

In 1979, after heating France with its first erotic color picture story, Marc Dorcel transcribed his glossy-paper printed materials onto videos, effectively birthing the company. “Sweet Little Bitches” marks the first-ever adult movie produced and directed by Marc Dorcel. 

Dorcel’s son Gregory joined him in 1996 and became managing director of the company in 2000. The duo continues to work together to grow the company that is now present in 56 countries and encompasses three TV channels, several sex toy ranges and adult shops, VOD services (Dorcelvision) and a porn site geared exclusively toward women.

“In 35 years, Dorcel has seen customs and technologies evolve, and since the explosion of the Internet, porn is not only confined to sex shops and specialized theaters,” Gregory Dorcel explained. “Pornography has now invaded the private sphere and has become a mass phenomenon, widespread in all backgrounds.”

He believes that “more than 20 years after the first adult movie broadcast on TV, it is not shameful anymore to like porn and to admit it. Moreover, adult content was for a long time reserved [for] a male audience, whereas now it tends to target a more feminine audience that wishes for even higher quality programs, until becoming an integral part of the couples’ sexuality.”

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