APAC Announces Emergency Performer Meeting

LOS ANGELES — The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) will hold an emergency meeting at 8 p.m. this Monday to discuss concerns about the current moratorium protocol for all adult industry performers.

For location and more information, interested performers should contact an APAC board member or email apac.information@gmail.com.

APAC said it is thrilled to learn that the recent moratorium has been called off due to a false positive test. Even given this fact, the APAC board feels that this is a prudent time to address latent concerns and issues that arise when a production halt occurs and would like to take this opportunity to discuss the performer and industry response to such an event.

As an organization of performers, APAC recognizes the many concerns and the confusion that can accompany a production moratorium. APAC is offering this meeting as a safe space removed from media, fans, and producers for adult industry performers to discuss their feelings and opinions about the adult industry moratorium protocol.

The APAC board would like to acknowledge that while a production moratorium is difficult for everyone across the industry, it is infinitely more so for the performers who are notified of possible exposure. APAC recognizes that those individuals have an even greater need than ever for support, care, and camaraderie.

Because of legal regulations called the HIPPA practice, APAC is not allowed to reach out to or even know any of the performers on any STI exposure list. APAC invites any performer who finds him or herself struggling with the production moratorium — whether as a result of exposure, lost work, social stigma or general fear about this challenging situation — to attend this support meeting.

Performers unable to attend the meeting but still in need of private, friendly support may reach out to any of the APAC board members listed below who are happy to lend a hand or an ear to performers in need at this time.


APAC Chair - James Deen
President - Chanel Preston
Vice President - Conner Habib
Treasurer- Veruca James
Secretary - Ela Darling