Rock On Releases Daily Supplement

LOS ANGELES – Rock On has introduced its new Rock On Daily supplements for Him and Her, which according to the company, is designed to take sexual vitality and enhancement to a new and premium level while appealing to the ever-growing sexual health and wellness consumer.

The new 30-count, once-a-day, sex supplement includes vitamins, electrolytes, energy and “nutra-boosts” such as testosterone optimizing for males and female mood enhancing ingredients.

While prescription sexual enhancement drugs are designed to work on just one principle, Rock On says its collection of herbs and ingredients are designed to work over time to optimize the body for multiple benefits including: natural hormone production, sexual libido, desire, blood flood, sensation, stamina, energy and full body vitality.

“The truth is natural herbal ingredients work best when they are taken over time to build up levels in the body,” Rock On President Keith Caggiano said. “Sexy is a confidence that comes from a feeling of wellbeing mentally, physically and sexually and that is how we are designing the Rock On brand.”

According to Caggiano, he is not new to the field of nutritional and physical fitness, spending much of his youth as a fitness instructor, nutrition coach and even competitive body builder, winning the prestigious title of “Mr. Teenage Great Lakes” championship.

“I’ve carried this passion and knowledge throughout my life and have applied it to the sexual health and wellness industry with redevelopment of Rock On,” Caggiano said.

Much like its situation-specific counterparts, Rock On “Pre-formance” Capsules and the Rock’n Shots, Rock On Daily includes the use of “vitality” ingredients such as essential vitamins, electrolytes and “nutra-boosts” in a holistic full body approach to sexual supplementation.

Available in 30-capsule bottles, the Rock On Daily for Him once-a-day formula boosts stamina, sexual performance and testosterone levels with a blend of natural herbs electrolytes, energy & vitamins. Rock On is a daily natural male enhancement supplement with a proprietary herbal formula that promotes longer, harder erections, performance, vitality, libido and healthy testosterone levels. Taken daily with a men’s multivitamin, the company says it is a safe and natural way to improve sexual performance, help revive and rejuvenate the male body’s natural ability to product testosterone.

Rock On for Her is designed to optimize female satisfaction, vitality, boost mood and provide sexual enhancement. Rock On Daily for Her is a dietary supplement with a natural proprietary blend designed to boost libido, enhance sexual desire, pleasure and satisfaction, and build energy and vitality.

The new Rock On Daily premium packaging features a new logo in radiant silver foil box on a sleek, solid black background.

Rock On also offers a range of display options. The items include mini-booklets, POP displays, laminated ingredients cards, posters, stickers, buttons as well as essential information to train staff on the benefits of the line.

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