Pornhub Publishes Infographics

LOS ANGELES — Adult entertainment powerhouse has issued its latest set of infographics, with nearly two dozen charts revealing details about the users of its website, and the type of computers and operating systems (OS) that those users prefer.

“For some geeks, an operating system is like a religion — it defines who they are and how they lead their online life,” says a Pornhub spokesperson. “Indeed, some diehards will defend their OS choice to the very end.”

The company wondered how deeply ingrained an OS might be in the user’s psyche and whether or not it could even affect their online porn viewing habits. As a result, Pornhub statisticians volunteered to find the answers.

Among the findings are that 85 percent of desktop computers visiting Pornhub run a Windows based operating system, while on the mobile front, Android dominates smartphone access with around half of Pornhub’s phone traffic, with Apple’s iPhones running iOS a close second at more than 40 percent.

Tablets are also quite popular, with iPads claiming more than 77 percent of Pornhub’s tablet traffic, and Android based tablets accounting for less than a third of that volume, at 22 percent.

User search and usage patterns are also revealed, as are a number of other statistics.

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