Entrenue Introduces ‘Sweet Spot’ Feminine Body Care Collection

PHOENIX — Entrenue today introduced its “Sweet Spot” collection of feminine body care products.

The company said the line is made using gentle food-grade ingredients and are pH balanced for optimal intimate health. Each SKU was specially formulated using soothing ingredients that harmonize with the female body’s natural chemistry to become a key part of her regular beauty routine.

Included in the line is a lubricant, balancing mist, travel wipettes, and gentle washes in a variety of scents that complement the body’s natural aroma. Each product is made using 95 percent plant and mineral-derived ingredients, void of alcohol, soap, and known irritants, offering women true pH-balanced intimate care products that naturally moisturize, soothe, nourish and celebrate her “sweet spot.”

“Sweet Spot products are created by women, for women — and are even tested on women — of all ages and are known in the spa, salon and aesthetician communities as one of the most body-friendly and effective intimate care lines,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said.

He added, “It was only natural to bring Sweet Spot into the adult retail arena and bring stores a trusted brand that’s already established beyond adult. Its lubricant, on-the-go wipes, and other intimate items are unlike anything else on the market and cheerfully packaged using bright colors and graphics. With a fair price point and mainstream appeal, Sweet Spot is a no-brainer for every adult boutique in the country.”

Entrenue noted that the products feature delicate and soft fragrances, which use essential oils and proprietary recipes to form “scents that are sensible and smell delicious.” A team of female chemists developed the products according to strict standards and protocols. They are clinically, allergy, and doctor tested with a dermatological review.

“As one can tell, Sweet Spot is serious about the female body and mean everything their marketing says,” Casella said. “There is a lovely team that stands behind these products and we’re proud to introduce a bright and fresh option into the intimate care and maintenance category.”

Retailers can choose from No. 11 Citrus Galbanum, No. 14 Geranium Lavender, No. 24 Basil Grapefruit and No. 00 Unscented.

To order the products, call (800) 368-7268, or email info@entrenue.com.