Coquette Releases Kissable Collection

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario – Coquette has released its latest edition of the Kissable Collection boxed line.

 This year the line has transformed with edgier designs for 2015 that will be accompanied with new packaging, the company says. The styles have more cutouts and fishnet detailing. With the inclusion of more stretch knit dresses in the collection, Coquette says the Kissable line stays true to its one size, one size XL standards, while adding more to its risqué factor. The packaging with the new styles will be black with more editorialized media shots inspired by a retro ‘70s motel.

We wanted to spice up our Kissable line this season with pieces and images that create a scene,” senior designer Elaine Carson said. “The styles make a big statement, and the way we are photographing them also conveys a more dramatic appeal than we have presented in the past.”

Transitioning the line from the simple white backgrounds to a moodier, more scandalous collection, Kissable will now appear edgier with its facelift, the company says.

This year Coquette offers silhouettes are more fitted and many of the items are seamless. Several of the pieces have color options, including bright magentas, greens, blues and yellows.

“This is the first time we have offered different colors for individual styles in our Kissable line,” national sales manager Dave George said. “Bright fluorescent shades are extremely trendy right now, and it was an obvious idea to have those styles available with a few color options.”

To view the complete 2015 collection visit the Coquette website at, The company says its new styles will be in stores by mid September.