Aneros Announces National Prostate Health Month

HOUSTON  — Aneros announced that September is National Prostate Health Month/National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, as a means to spur productive conversation about the topic.

In January, Aneros was honored with a 2014 XBIZ Award for Sexual Wellness Product of the Year, for its prostate massager, Eupho Syn.

“Aneros’ ongoing mission is to help people in their quest for better sexual health,” Aneros CEO CT Schenk said after receiving the award. “Eupho Syn serves the dual purpose of providing users with pleasure, while also improving prostate health."

Since 1996, Aneros has dedicated it business to developing at-home, drug-free solutions to prostate problems.  

Aneros’ prostate massagers are reportedly the only medically patented prostate massagers on the market and provide a wide variety of preventative benefits for men with prostate issues, including enlarged prostates, prostate cancer, prostatitis, genital pain, incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

The company hopes that the following month will see the exploration of all things prostate, including what it is, what the myths surrounding it are, how to keep it healthy through prostate massage and other play, and how prostate play is beginning to transcend sexual orientation.

“Education is the only way to de-stigmatize the prostate and ensure more men are comfortable speaking with a doctor or treating themselves,” a rep said. “I hope you'll help us spread the word.”