Q&A: Sienna Sinclaire Brings Tao of Naughty to L.A. Nightlife

LOS ANGELES — The Tao of Sienna Sinclaire is clear: the universe is bound by an underlying principle of naughtiness.

A self-proclaimed expert and avid practitioner of the term (lifestyle? concept? art form?), Sinclaire can turn almost any humdrum activity into something lurid with her favorite qualifier.

Naughty travel is much more exciting, for example, than blasé non-naughty travel — and the same logic follows suit for books, circuses, roller skating, drive-ins and dinner — all of which Sinclaire has successfully and sensually naughtified. 

“I believe that ‘naughty’ shouldn’t just be in the bedroom, it should be in all things you do,” Sinclaire told XBIZ in a recent interview. “You know, from going to work to all things, like travel. That’s what I teach people. And if you want to have naughtiness in your life, you can tap into naughtiness at my events.”

Local folks looking to accept naughty into their lives are in luck: tomorrow Sinclaire is holding a “Topless 70s Disco Roller Skating” event at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, Calif., the latest addition to her signature erotic parties based in L.A.

Guests are invited to come topless (“Men too,” Sinclaire says, “I know that’s really not much), and glide around the roller rink in classic 70’s attire. Those looking to look can take in topless bartenders and performers, who will be busting out their best disco moves in the middle of the floor.

But true to her word, Sinclaire has nurtured naughty in all aspects of her life, and besides helming cool events (recently: the Naughty Circus and Topless Drive-In), has authored a series of “Naughty Girl’s Guides” to different cities. Her next installment, focusing on Las Vegas, is slated to debut this October. Her roots are in the adult entertainment industry and burlesque and she also helps others to find naughty within, as a sex coach, and without, as the host of “Naughty Tours of Los Angeles.”

Sinclaire’s hurricane of naughtiness has attracted media attention (sexiness in public tends to do that), including the LA Weekly and Time Out magazine, as well as top-tier sponsors like Pleasure Chest, Maia Toys, Pipedream and many more.

XBIZ caught up with Sinclaire to find out more about the burgeoning face of L.A.’s naughty culture.

XBIZ: How did you get started writing naughty books/hosting naughty parties?

SINCLAIRE: A long time ago, I was much younger, in my early 20’s, I was traveling around all over Europe and whenever I’d go to different places I would always look for naughty things to do. And I had a blog, so I would blog about it, and people found it very interesting and would ask for my suggestions. Then I moved to L.A. in 2006. I always wanted to write a book, but I didn’t know what [about], because my passion is traveling — and doing naughty things. So that’s how I came up with the naughty book, which came out two years ago.

With the parties, I was just trying to market myself more and I thought, ‘Oh I should turn the book into an interactive event, like a weekly event, where I pick things from the book or new things,' because things are constantly changing, and just do fun, naughty things with likeminded people.

XBIZ: How do you find a city’s best naughty things?

SINCLAIRE: It’s a lot of work! The first time, this is kind of how I start whenever I do one of my books — I have Vegas coming out and then San Francisco next year — I usually take out a pen and paper the old fashioned way, get online and I just make little sections, like ‘strip clubs’ — one section— and, you know, ‘fetish clubs’ — second section. I just look on the Internet and the links, they take me to more links. And when you go to these events you talk to people and you hear about other things, because when you try to look for something on the Internet it can be really hard if you don’t have the key words. It’s not easy. Even after the book came out, I started finding more stuff.

XBIZ: What’s your inspiration for your events?

SINCLAIRE: Well, I’m a ‘theme person.’ If you came to my house, you’d see there was theme here. Everything I do, I just love themes, whether it’s dressing up … just anything. My mind is constantly working, whether it be a magazine I read or just seeing something on a billboard, it could be anything, and a event will come to mind — and I can make anything naughty.

XBIZ: What’s the naughtiest city you’ve been too?

Thailand is pretty naughty, you can pretty much get anything there. But, for quality purposes, I would say Paris. Definitely Paris. They have fetish clubs, they have swingers clubs, you can just be naughty, as an adult, and not worry about it being illegal or anything. You can go to dinner and say, ‘Hey, let’s go to the swingers club’ and they have a night club inside of it and everything. It’s very sexy and there’s people from all over the world.

Nothing compares [in the U.S.] unless you come to my parties. A lot of my inspiration comes from travels and things that I’ve seen happen and things that people have done. My parties are different from swingers clubs. Anyone can go to a swingers club — there’s a lot, you know, here, Vegas, New York, all over — but to me, they’re just swingers clubs, not that some of them don’t have really cool, amazing themes, but they’re usually couples and single women, and they’re very specific.

My events, they can be anyone. I do like to keep the ratio pretty even with men and women, but I just believe anyone can and should be naughty. So there’s people of different sizes, color, anything. I don’t care who you are. I think it’s fine if you want to handpick people at your parties, but at mine I don’t do it. You can be gay, I have transgender people there, it doesn’t matter. And everyone gets along and has a great time.

XBIZ: What’s your favorite event that you’ve had so far?

SINCLAIRE:  The chocolate party has been one of my most fun because I present it so you can be messy. There’s chocolate strawberries, bananas and all kinds of stuff. Everybody sat around and we played spin the bottle. To make it fun, whoever the bottle landed on, you'd have to read a card out loud. Whatever the card said, you had to do it, and it could be super naughty or something silly, like where you blindfold yourself, put a banana in your mouth and dip it in chocolate and use some paper to draw something naughty. It could be anything. Then at the very end, everyone got a little loose and was getting to know each other, and somehow it turned into a giant orgy.

XBIZ: Do all your events turn into play parties?

SINCLAIRE: It all depends on the venue. Some of my events are just 'fun naughty,' topless or whatever. And some of them are full-on sex parties. The drive-in did. The people were really cool and where it was located was really private, in downtown L.A. People were getting naughty in their cars. I mean, that’s what you do at a drive-in. The topless skating rink, because we’re serving our own alcohol, we’re not charging, and it’s not open to the public, they may be more lenient about stuff. So when we get there, we’ll find out how cool the people are and they may let us go farther.

XBIZ: What have people been saying about your events?

SINCLAIRE: My events are life-changing for some people. That’s why I believe in allowing everyone to be naughty and not picking and choosing. I’m also a sex coach and that’s what I teach; I can’t teach something and do the opposite. So people who come, they either tell me or they post it or send me a personal email, they will say they’ve never felt more ‘open,’ with people accepting them and their differences, or just happy being able to be allowed to be naughty. It’s very nice when you get emails like that because you feel like you’re helping someone. They can also hook up — there are people that start dating from my groups, too!

To purchase tickets for tomorrow's “Topless 70s Disco Roller Skating,” click here.

For Sinclaire’s full repertoire of naughtiness, visit NaughtyLifeStyleExpert.com.