Net1on1 Now Distributing Sliquid

ST. ALBANS, U.K. – Net1on1 is now a full-range distributor of Sliquid lubricants.

According to the company, the generous dissemination of Slquid samples at June’s ETO Show garnered a positive response from retailers regarding Sliquid’s quality and packaging.

“The deciding factor with taking on Sliquid was not only the quality of the product but the ingredients,” Net1on1 head buyer Danielle Warn said. “As we gradually shift our buying strategy towards a more ‘sexual health’ and ‘wellbeing’ direction, we were taken by the natural qualities of the lubricant’s recipes. Each range has differing styles of lubricant with varying textures and extracts including hibiscus, green tea, and aloe vera. There is also a great range of flavoured lubes in the Naturals range, customers were tasting them on the stand at ETO, as they are safe to consume, and the verdict was very tasty!”

Sliquid has four main lines under its umbrella brand: Sliquid Naturals, Organics, Balance Collection, and Ride Bodyworks, all of which Net 1on1 Wholesale now carries. More than just lubricants, the Sliquid Balance collection includes gentle feminine washes, intimate shave creams and organic massage oils, which may appeal to a wider customer base. 

“It’s always good to have a strong category of lubricants under our belt, and we really feel that with the addition of Sliquid, we’ve got just that,” Net1on1 sales manager Claire Jacques said. “The quality is great and attendees responded so well to the launch at the ETO show, always a good sign. I strongly believe, that with the quality of the products their organic ingredients and great packaging, Sliquid will rapidly become a best seller. Of course, customers are welcome to contact me to talk about which ranges would work well for their business, they’re all amazing quality, you’ll want to take them all!”

Sliquid is now in stock at Net 1on1 Wholesale with all ranges available to order.