Adult Vet Danny Lenko Compiles 'Inappropriate Stories' in New Book

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Danny Lenko, adult veteran and former host of Playboy TV's comedic reality show "The Boy Nexxt Door" as Danny Vegas, has announced the release of his first book.

A collection of stories and tales “that go from wildly sexual to downright disturbing” make up "From My Parents' Basement to the Playboy Mansion," now available online or as a paperback.

"My life has been astronomically far from normal or average, and I thought people might get a kick out of reading about what I have actually lived." Lenko said. "Over time I would be in a group or crowd telling one of my numerous and usually inappropriate stories, and people always told me I should write a book about all of it — so I did."

While in his late teens, Lenko decided he wanted to pursue a career in adult entertainment. "You're not in these things humping and pumping are you?" his stunned father asked after Lenko briefed his parents on his decision. Lenko reports to have replied, "If I have to I will. I'll do what it takes!"

Despite the initial shock, Lenko’s parents were supportive of his odd career goals, and even helped inspire in a reality show based on their predicament.

In the show, Lenko lived in his parent’s basement and delivered pizzas by day, all the while aspiring to become an adult filmmaker. Lenko’s parents let the production team into their home and even became part of the cast.

"Danny is a character, that's for sure, and he had the balls to start shooting porn in his parents basement, but I think coming out to Los Angeles was a real eye opener for him, when he got to meet big name porn stars up close and naked,” leading director Jeff Mullen said. “I'm looking forward to reading his book. Mullen added, "I better be in it."

Lenko believes that his book surpasses the content of "The Boy Nexxt Door" because it allows for even more graphic description and detail. It reveals the sex, drugs and partying that happened in no moderation behind the cameras, Lenko says.

Lenko believes that "If you were to give this book a rating like you do a movie, it would defnitely be XXX.”

"From My Parents' Basement to the Playboy Mansion" is available as a paperback through, and can also be obtained by contacting

Digital copies are available through,, iBooks and can accessed on Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iPad.