ADAMO Ads Presenting Seminars at The European Summit

PRAGUE — ADAMO Ads announced that it will be offering seminars and presentations at The European Summit Sept. 22-25 in Prague, as a Platinum Sponsor of the event.

The presentations will begin with the company’s Pre-Conference Meet and Mingle on Sept. 22 at the Main Bar of the Park Hotel Praha and extend through Traffic Day activities Sept. 23 in Podyji Salon 3.

On Sept. 24 CEO and Founder Judy Shalom will give a talk in Meeting Room One.

The event culminates with the ADAMO Party on Sept. 24 beginning at 9:30 p.m. in the main bar of the Park Hotel Praha. “It’s a week of new opportunities and exciting connections with ADAMO leading the way,” the company said.

“The European Summit is always a terrific event because it does such a great job of bringing the right kinds of companies together with clear objectives in mind,” Shalom said.

She added, “Our online traffic platform works very much the same way by assisting advertisers and media buyers in finding the right matching publishers to best monetize every click with the highest level of efficiency. Also we are extremely honored that we are nominated for the category Best Emerging Traffic Company by YNOT. This nomination means a lot to us, and we are happy to know that people are paying attention to us, love the job we are doing and that we were nominated after seeing how much the ADAMO team is striving to be the best at what we do. I look forward to all of the gatherings during the show and am proud that we are doing our part as a Platinum Sponsor to make it the best event of the year for everyone attending."

To schedule a meeting with the ADAMO staff, email