Hypnotic Dreams Releases New Erotic Hypnosis Product

CYBERSPACE — Hypnotic Dreams has announced the release of Good Vibrations, an erotic hypnosis MP3 for women that trains the listener to respond to the vibrations of a lover's voice.

The highly unique product offers a straightforward logic: Sounds are vibrations that are “felt” with our ears. When vibrations reach our eardrums, our brains interpret this as hearing a sound. But we are in fact, feeling a vibration. According to the author, hypnosis can help practitioners feel vibrations with other parts of their body as well.

“In this erotic hypnosis program, I help you discover your body's ability to feel the vibrations of my voice with each of your erogenous zones,” said the author/hypnotist behind Good Vibrations. “Then I increase the sensitivity of your sex until it resonates with my voice, and you feel my words as erotic vibrations deep inside of your body. Post-hypnotic suggestions enable you to feel the voice of your real-life lover(s) as erotic vibrations in all of your erogenous zones.”

The man who developed Good Vibrations and similar products for Hypnotic Dreams, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that while pursuing a B.S. in engineering, he also studied mythology and literature and realized stories could have profound effects of human thoughts and beliefs.

“I learned that my own fascination with erotic hypnosis came from the stories I'd read and the movies I saw. And I sought a way to share with women the eroticism I discovered,” he writes online, referencing sci-fi themes and comic books that depict women in hypnotic states.” I experimented with meditation and self-hypnosis to improve my allergies and my athletic performance, and developed my foreplay techniques into a form of tactile hypnosis. By combining hypnotic suggestion with a sensual feather-like touch, I found that I could strip away inhibitions, amplify desires and give incredible pleasures.”

For details, and to hear a sample of the Good Vibrations MP3, click here.