AHF's Complaint Letter Focuses on Oral Sex

CARSON CITY, Nev. — The AIDS Healthcare Foundation's complaint to Nevada OSHA over a Kink.com shoot in Las Vegas targeted oral sex only, including cunnilingus.

In a two-page letter obtained by XBIZ, the AHF told state OSHA officials that "workplaces in the adult film industry ... are unsafe, pose a risk of serious bodily injury and are in violation of federal OSHA regulation 1910.1030" involving bloodborne pathogens.

In the July 25 letter submitted by AHF, the Hollywood, Calif., organization targeted Kink.com over a June 8 shoot that was captured online.

The AHF infered in its complaint letter that all of the evidence is available online at Kink.com accessed for viewers of "Hogtied Whores," starring four individuals — Skin Diamond, Krissy Lynn, James Mogul and Maestro.

Peter Acworth, the CEO and founder of Kink.com, told XBIZ that the shoot named in the complaint included only oral sex.

But this is the first time that the act of cunnilingus has been suggested and used in a adult scene-bloodborne pathogen complaint to OSHA officials by the AHF.

The AHF in their complaint to Nevada industrial workplace authorities pieced together its complaint by viewing the web for the movie, which Acworth earlier identified as “Vegas Road Trip,” and by monitoring the Twitter accounts of Diamond and Lynn.

"As depicted in the film trailer for 'Hogtied Whores,' Ms. Diamond and Ms. Lynn were clearly exposed to bloodborne pathogen's and [other potentially infectious material],"the AHF said in its complaint to Nevada OSHA. "Barrier protection was not used in the 'Hogtied Whores' film trailer where the female employees were performing oral sex on male employees and on female employees near the end of the film trailer for 'Hogtied Whores' Ms. Diamond and Ms. Lynn are shown with semen on and around their eyes and mouths."

The AHF, citing its previous Kink.com complaints in California, told Nevada OSHA that it is "imperative" that it act immediately over the adult studio's productions.

AHF's Nevada OSHA complaint letter was submitted by Adam Cohen, who was recruited by AHF as a public health consultant. Cohen has appeared at Cal/OSHA hearings on behalf of AHF over California's draft rules for bloodborne pathogens on the porn set.

Acworth told XBIZ on Tuesday said that the Nevada OSHA complaint was a "well-timed publicity stunt" and that Kink.com followed the law in Las Vegas.

"[T]he shoot in question did not have anything but oral sex — no actual penetration. All models were 14-day tested," he said. "This complaint centers on ejaculate on face and no condoms for oral sex."

Diane Duke, the Free Speech Coalition's CEO, said that the Nevada complaint  would have been "AB 1576 compliant" if the proposed law would have been in effect in that state — "confirming that AHF's crusade is not for the health of performers but against the industry as a whole."

Porn-condom bill AB 1576, sponsored by Assemblyman Isadore Hall of Compton, was tabled -- placed in the "suspense file" — by the Senate Appropriations Committee last week. The committee will again decide its fate on Thursday.

Acworth, meanwhile, believes that the Nevada complaint states AHF's agenda with adult entertainment further — that it not only is going after porn studios who shoot vaginal and anal sex, it also is aiming at those who shoot oral sex as well.

"Yes, I believe this indicates AHF's long-term goal, and it is clear that the adult business cannot function under the type of regulation AHF appears to ultimately want," Acworth told XBIZ.

Michael Weinstein, who leads the AHF's as president and has championed for porn-condom legislation in Los Angeles County and the entire state of California, told XBIZ that he and his group are paying attention to Nevada laws as well, including ones that are extraneous to the adult film industry but apply.

"You can dissect every word in every document to your heart's content looking for a gotcha," Weinstein told XBIZ. "However, to be perfectly clear, Kink and others have brazenly said that they will move to Nevada.

"AHF has clearly said repeatedly that we support condoms for anal and vaginal sex only. However, the law in Nevada requires condoms for oral sex in legal brothels."

But Acworth, responding to Weinstein's comment to XBIZ, asked, "What do the laws about brothels have to do with anything?"

"The laws in place for brothels exist to protect sex workers from the untested public," Acworth said. "Those laws are not relevant to on-screen, tested performers, as Michael Weinstein is fully aware."