Plus-Size Hot Mannequin Pre-Orders Sold Out

NEW YORK — Pre-orders for Claire, the newest plus-size addition to the Hot Mannequin line of lifelike retail mannequins, have sold out, according to the company.

In the U.S., Hot Mannequin is exclusively distributed by Xgen Products.

Hot Mannequin recently announced a new plus-size model, following an increasing demand for larger body models. Sporting measurements of 43-32-43 and an E cup size, Claire stands at 5’9.

“Hot Mannequin is all about maximizing retail display,” a company rep said. “A realistic plus-size body shape will provide a model that shoppers can relate to and properly exhibits the fit of clothing or a piece of lingerie.”

With the trend of body acceptance among women on the rise, women of all sizes are looking for products that speak directly to them, the rep added. In response to changing demand, Hot Mannequin figures are reportedly modeled after modern-day women of all shapes and sizes.

The mannequins come in various skin tones and hair colors, and are also available in male versions. According to the manufacturer, Hot Mannequins “each have their own personality” with smiles and even individual names, including Donna, Jacqueline, Jaime, Barbie and Michelle.

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