Nalpac Now Distributing Cyrex Electro-Stim Products

Ariana Rodriguez

FERNDALE, Mich. ­– Nalpac is now distributing electro-stimulation products from U.K. manufacturer Cyrex.

 Andy Smith, an engineer with a background in neuromuscular stimulation, formed Cyrex in 2002. Sold under the brand name "ElectraStim," the products provide variable intensity electrical signals sent directly to the brain, stimulating a range of tingling sensations.

"These quality products are appreciated by a growing niche of our retailers' customers," said Glenn LeBoeuf, Nalpac vice president of operations. "The reputation of ElectraStim helps assure that the products will live up to customers' highest expectations."

The latest innovation in ElectraStim products is the "Flick" technology that provides a "beat" of stimulation with a movement of the wrist. The Flick feature can be slow or fast, soft or hard. The USB-rechargeable stimulator features seven built-in programs, including escalating patterns, and 24 intensity levels designed to excite one or more people.

Nalpac will offer ElectraStim silicone accessories such as G-spot stimulators, prostate massagers and dildos, as well as complete kits that include everything needed to begin experiencing a host of new sensations. These "ElectroSex Packs" include handheld stimulators and two-inch square pads attached to electrodes that provide exciting yet safe stimulation during sex.

"ElectraLoops" are special adjustable and expandable super conductive loops, which are fitted to the penis and scrotum and powered by a stimulator. A size adjuster keeps them in place.

According to Cyrex, ElectraStim users who follow a few simple guidelines will be safe. Individuals with heart conditions, epilepsy or who are pregnant are advised not to use these products. Also, users should not place the electrodes above the waist.

“Nalpac is confident that many people will consider purchasing these unique products, even if they have not used electro stimulation products in the past," LeBoeuf said. "ElectraStim offers a level of excitement that other products just cannot match."

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