Calvista Inks Exclusive Deal With Joy-Lite

MELBOURNE — Calvista announced the closure of an exclusive distribution agreement for the full range of Joy-Lite masturbators.

The current range encompasses the Original version, as well as the Stars (contract girls) series, in total featuring more than 40 male and female molded models, catering to homosexual and heterosexual men.

Joy-Lite masturbators are made in Germany from 100-percent silicone, and are available in oral, vaginal and anal molds with five different stimulating tunnel sleeves. The silicone material doesn’t require a rejuvenation powder and is non-porous, making it more hygienic than some alternatives.

The Stars series features real molds of porn stars for a “realistic experience,” the company said.

“We’re most pleased to have Joy-Lite on board,” Calvista CEO Michael Bassett said. “The range represents a dedicated, solid commitment to this style of very popular product. It’s in huge demand, it’s highly sellable and we have a manufacturing partner that understands and is dedicated and willing to support the wholesale distribution channel.”

Joy-Lite manufacturer Dennis Ramaty added, “I only want the best partners around the world.  I’ve been trying to secure Calvista for several years, and am very happy to have finally secured the distribution and brand support deal. Calvista’s ability to push brands and move sales volume is renowned.”

Joy-Lite will be available to retailers in Australia and New Zealand beginning mid-August and will be accompanied by an educational program, free POS and a retailer website store locator.

For more information, contact Calvista (Australia) at (800)012-221 or