Rock On Launches 'Pre-Formance' Sexual Vitality Capsules

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Rock On on Tuesday announced the release of Rock On single dose sexual “Pre-formance” Capsules with male and female formulas.

The company said the new, improved Rock On performance caps are made up of "the most complete natural herbal sexual enhancement formulas on the market" as well as features Rock On’s now-trademarked, vitality-boosting ingredients for a holistic mind, body and spirit experience.

The caps come in a radiant metallic blue or pink winged logo set on a solid black background, housed in a 24-count POP display. The premium packaging and formula is designed to appeal to the sexual health and wellness market with the quality and sophistication that modern consumers have now grown to expect from adult stores, the company said.

With the tag line “Sexy is in You, Nourish It,” the caps pick up where other pills have left off before by optimizing all body functions needed for a healthy sexual encounter, according to Rock On. The new men’s and women’s “sexual vitality” formulas now contain electrolytes, essential vitamins, “nutra-boosts,” plus even energy-lifting ingredients to improve users’ all-around experience.

“Feeling sexy is the confidence that comes from a fully optimized and empowered sense of well being," said Rock On President Keith Caggiano. “We want the users to have the confidence that they can achieve their ultimate sexy potential.”

Caggiano continued, “Just because you take a prescription pill that can improve sexual function doesn’t mean your mind, body and spirit is in the condition to rock it. So many other factors are at play in the human body during sex that deserve equal attention.”

While prescription drugs work on just one physical principle, the company said that Rock On uses an herbal science that combines a collection of more than 15 different ingredients to optimize libido, stamina, sensation, and blood flow as well as boosting energy, mood to support a healthy sex life.

The caps are designed for consumption prior to a sexual encounter to maximize sexual performance, libido, stamina and pleasure.

The all-natural male formula features tried and true ingredients for optimal sexual performance such as L-Arginine, Fenugreek, Horny Goat Weed and Maca, among others, that work together to improve sexual virility, stamina and optimize testosterone levels, as well as create fuller, harder erections.

Because women’s needs are different from men when it comes to sexual enhancement, Rock On’s formula for women focuses on increasing a woman’s pleasure by boosting sensation and satisfaction, as well as sexual desire. Ingredients include Passion Flower and Damiana for increased libido and sexual desire; and L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed and GABA for enhanced pleasure, as well vitamins B6, B12, Niacin and a zinc & electrolyte blend for vitality.

The new Pre-Formance capsules for Him and Her are similar to the previously released Rock On “Rock’n Shots”, supplying vitality to optimize the whole body for the experience. Similar to Rock’n Shots, Rock On Preformance capsules are safe to take with other sexual enhancers.

The new Rock On line also offers a range of display options. These items include mini-booklets, POP displays, laminated ingredients cards, posters, stickers, buttons as well as essential information to train staff on the benefits of the line.

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