Soft Paris Invites Men to Join the (Sex Toy) Party

PARIS — Sex toy, lingerie and lube purveyor Soft Paris is inviting men to partake in the secret rites of the traditionally ladies-only sex toy party.

The Lovers edition of its “Soft Party” home sex toy parties, launching Aug. 24, brings men into the mix, apparently due to high-demand from gentlemen who want to see what all the buzz is about.

According to Soft Paris, which really is based in France, the gender-inclusive party is meant to help couples “reach a new stage in their sensual well-being,” Metro UK reported.

The organizers offered an alternate impetus, “It seems men’s knowledge of what women want, and also of their own desires and how they can interact with their partners, is still very weak.”

The Soft Paris site also features a Toy for Boys category in its boutique, proffering, among other things, a Super Man cock ring and a ghost penis sleeve.

Photo courtesy of Soft Paris.