Bunny Ranch Owner Bids $500K to Open Super Bowl Brothel in Phoenix

CARSON CITY, Nevada — Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof has announced today an offer to the city of Phoenix, Ariz. $500,000 in cash to let him open up a temporary bawdy house during the 2015 Super Bowl to be held in the Grand Canyon State.

Hof, the owner of seven legal brothels in Nevada, says the opening of a “Valley of the Sun Bunny Ranch” brothel one month before the football event, but that closes one month after game-day, will cut down the amount of sex-trafficking and related social ills that has been linked to the yearly sports contest.

Hof, born and raised in the Phoenix area, said he would soon officially ask Phoenix city leaders for permission to set up a brothel, money in tow.

"You say you want to stop sex trafficking, Ok, I'm going to give you $500,000 for a lab experiment," Hof said. "It would be called 'The Valley Of The Sun Bunny Ranch' and after that initial $500,000 up front, the city would take in additional tax dollars from me. I was raised in Phoenix, I know Phoenix well, it needs the money. I remember growing up working at a gas station near 24th and Van Buren, and prostitution was rampant then and is still a problem now."

As for current local and state laws against prostitution, Hof says he willing to fight.

"I think they [Phoenix city leaders] should look at this as an emergency measure, an experiment. We're only talking a couple of months here," Hof said. "Phoenix is one of the worst sex trafficking places in America and this will combat that.

He reports that he will make himself available to work with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Bill Montgomery “to insure that my temporary business presence in your city results in a positive contribution to what should be a spectacular opportunity to showcase Phoenix’s civic pride on a national stage.”