Skin Diamond Rejects Date Bid From U.S. Olympian

LOS ANGELES — When TMZ Sports caught up with Olympic silver medalist Josh Lance at LAX, he revealed a surprising crush — haute hottie, Skin Diamond.

“I want you to find Skin Diamond for me. She’s killing the game right now,” the 22-year-old world class sprinter told TMZ reporters. “Tell her Josh said come home. It’s time to come home.”

Grasping for the best way to describe her appeal, he first calls her “bad,” before deciding, “She has this innocence to her, that’s what it is, even though shes a porn star,” Lance said. “That’s the magic of Skin Diamond — it’s the innocence.”

Unfortunately, Lance’s pining is destined to go unrequited. At least for now. When TMZ tracked down Diamond the next day to get her take, she seemed dubious as to whether he had the chutzpah, pizzazz, etc., to please her.

When the reporter told her Lance wanted to her to “come home,” she retorted, “Well, I don’t live at his house though.”

Aside from having a man, she explained that Lance’s Olympic medal “doesn’t mean anything” to her.

“I’m weird, it takes a man with a very very strong personality to date me,” she said. “He’s cute and everything, but I can’t tell just from looks. He’d have to really do something wild to get my attention…. That would be really hard to do: I’m hard to please.”