Deen, Stoya Star in 'Voracious Season Two' Episode 15 Now Live

MONTREAL — James Deen and Stoya star in "It's Really A Shame You're A Vampire," the latest chapter of filmmaker John Stagliano's "Voracious Season Two" now live on

Evil Angel and Gamma Entertainment affiliate program FameDollars are giving members early access to 15th webisode of the serial.

"I can only bow in awe at the sexual power that is James Deen with Stoya," Stagliano said. "I tried to conceive a scene where they could fall in love. Then I got out of the way. James clearly knows Stoya's body. This is the magic we hope for and seldom achieve."

The producers said the stars' performance advances Stagliano's epic tale. Deen, as the vampire killer has captured his latest, perhaps last prey. Stoya is too tempting to finish off quickly. A dangerous emotional ride is set in motion. Violent, rough sex, is delivered with pleasure.

The action culminates in Episode 16 of "Voracious Season Two," which will go live Aug. 13 on

Shot in California and Eastern Europe, "Voracious Season Two" extends the kinky sex, vampire lore and crafty filmmaking established in the popular, award-winning first season.

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