Net 1on1 Wholesale Now Distributing Aneros

ST. ALBANS, U.K. — Net 1on1 Wholesale is now an official U.K. distributor for Aneros, a global manufacturer of sexual health and wellness products, including prostate massagers and hands-free Kegel exercisers.

According to the company, the brand alliance came about when Tony Gonzalez joined Net 1on1 Wholesale and wanted to shift the buying strategy into a new direction.

“Since coming on board as MD, I have been keen to invest more into sexual health and wellbeing products, rather than just the sexual pleasure items we’re used to stocking,” he said. “Granted, these are still our bread and butter, but the market is moving in a different direction with consumers making more informed purchase decisions with a mind to explore and improve their sexual health. In a response to this, I want to stock the very best in the field, making sure Net 1on1 is aligned with successful brand names. We want to be able to offer our customers a wide and varied catalogue of products, and I strongly believe Aneros is an excellent addition.”

 Net 1on1 will be stocking the full range of Aneros products, which includes: Eupho Classic, Eupho Syn, EVI, Helix Classic, Helix Syn, Marksman, Maximus Classic, MGX Classic, Muze, Peridise, Progasm Classic, Progasm Ice, Progasm Black Ice, SGX Classic, Tempo, and Vice. Aside from the varying, high-quality prostate products, which are the only medically patented prostate massagers on the market, Aneros’ inventory includes lubricant, vibrating accessories, and even a female kegel fitness product (EVI).

“We’re really trying to open up our heterosexual male product offerings now, so we’re not just pigeonholing anal products as something belonging in a ‘gay’ category,” said Claire Jacques, sales manager at Net 1on1. “Working closely with Aneros’ CEO, CT Schenk, we are promoting more of the ‘experience of prostate massage’ during couples’ intercourse, rather than it being only an anal toy. Of course, there’s an endless scope for our customers to promote couples’ toys, as well as support prostate health, something, which is getting a lot of media coverage right now.

 “The range of items from Aneros were received really well at ETO, with a lot of new and existing customers looking for quality product for their anal categories. It is also important to us that the Helix Syn and EVI have both received XBIZ awards for ‘Male Pleasure Product of the Year’ and ‘Sexual Wellness Product of the Year’, respectively, which adds great value to the brand, as well as creates confidence in the products.”

Aneros’ full range of products are now in stock at Net 1on1 Wholesale and can be ordered either by phone or by logging on to