The Screaming O, Erotic Fantasy Partner for Russian Distribution

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O announced that it has struck a strategic partnership with Russian supplier Erotic Fantasy to help propel its presence in the region’s adult market.

Serving Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), The Screaming O said Erotic Fantasy is a key distributor of adult products specializing in promoting U.S.-based brands abroad.

The company recently held its annual Vendors Show where The Screaming O took top billing hosting a product education station that showcased its products while establishing and maintaining key relationships with Russia’s core adult retail base.

The event invited retailers from across the continent to get to know The Screaming O’s latest releases and take advantage of the rare opportunity for an in-person product demonstration.

The Screaming O said its booth was stocked with its top international best-sellers, as well as new favorites from the ColorPoP collection and marketing collateral ideal for regions "where pictures speak louder than words."

“With the Russian market growing at an exponential pace, this important collaboration was timed specifically to coincide with our amped-up efforts to expand our international business development,” Screaming O President Justin Ross said. “Erotic Fantasy handled our lineup and booth presence professionally and with great care and the results were incredibly rewarding. We look forward to a fruitful future working with this key distributor and get The Screaming O in the hands of more men, women and couples across the continent.”

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