XR Brands Introduces Inmi ‘Come Hither’ G-spot Stimulator

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has introduced the “Come Hither” massager from the Inmi collection.

The company said the new luxury massager matches ergonomic design with high-end construction, featuring a jointed curve at the tip that offers an automated “come hither” motion emulating the signature finger curl that men and women alike recognize as the ultimate G-spot stimulation motion.

Following up to five patterns of rhythmic vibration, Come Hither mechanically presses against the G-spot without the need of additional maneuvering or wrist motion, allowing the user to concentrate on the sensation of internal stimulation. The product was designed to provide women with the most targeted G-spot stimulation on the market today.

XR said the massager is one of two sex toys to come from the Inmi line of sexy and ergonomic luxury vibrators. Also new from Inmi is the "D’Oro," a 99 percent 24 karat gold plated massager with seven functions and a warming feature that safely heats up to a comfortable degree that emulates the body’s natural temperature.

“We designed Inmi to stand out in the saturated luxury market by providing product innovation with classic ergonomic designs proven to provide intense amounts of pleasure,” said Randy Alvstad, XR Brands general manager.

He added, “We chose natural curvatures and modern styling using colors specifically selected to appeal to consumers with sophisticated tastes. We’re quite proud of the exceptional functionality that Come Hither provides, and D’Oro’s warming function is truly unique and one of the first to be offered in a luxury pleasure product. Inmi’s target shopper is a woman who’s moved beyond the basic and is looking for something that better reflects her sensual style.”

The sex toy is packaged in a gold box with a delicate floral pattern.

Come Hither and D’Oro from the Inmi collection are both available for retail and distribution. To view the full lineup or schedule a meeting, email Alvstad at randy@xrllc.com.

To place an order, contact a preferred sales representative or email info@xrbrands.com.