Great Australian Sex Census: Tech Wins

MELBOURNE — Results of the The Great Australian Sex Census, conducted by adult dating site Red Hot Pie, revealed that technology, especially smartphones, continue to play a major role in people’s sex lives.

Around 17,000 Australians were queried about a wide array of sex habits, including whether they had ever made a sex tape or watched pornography.

Almost a third of men and women (29.6 percent) have made their own sex tape and nearly half (47.1 percent) of Australians have admitted to sending nude photos via their mobile phone.

A breakdown of the stats showed construction workers are more likely to make a sex tape, while transport workers are more likely to send nude photos with their phones.

Defense personnel and emergency service workers are also apparently most likely to have a nude photo of a current partner on their phone and are also most likely to keep explicit photos of their ex partners on their phones.

A whopping 70 percent of Australians admitting to enjoying watching adult videos, and nearly a third have been intimate with someone they met online.

While previous studies have established Australians as typically kinkier than their contemporaries in other countries, the Great Australian Sex Census reflects other studies showing the growing primacy of technology in sex affairs.