James Deen Debuts 'Envy' From '7 Deadly Sins' Saga

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — James Deen has completed and released the fifth of his seven-part “7 Deadly Sins” hardcore saga, available on JamesDeen.com.

The newest entry, “Envy,” is a tale of jealousy that follows porn star Chanel Preston and teen Chloe Foster through a depraved tale of twisted roleplay and fantasy.

According to Deen, the “7 Deadly Sins” films are “kind of like high concept, erotic art films that are not art. There’s no real representation, and I’m not trying to convey any sort of message. All I’m trying to do is make really cool-looking porno.” 

The envelope-pushing arthaus vibe pervades the series: In the episode “Pride”, he has sex with women wearing masks of his face. In “Gluttony,” food and sex intertwine in a Bacchanalian orgy. 

With “Envy,” a familiar but complicated story of desire unfolds. “During pre-production I got to describe this wonderful project as 'Snow White ... with anal sex',” Deen joked.  “I really enjoyed saying that.”

Next in this series is “Sloth,” and then the finale, “Wrath.” Of these last two Deen explained “I tried to go back to the origins of this project. In both I am avoiding a story line or multiple-scene format and just kind of making a giant cluster of madness that expresses each particular sin through sex ... and camera tricks ... and sex.”

“Envy” and the complete “Seven Sins” project can be seen exclusively by subscribing to JamesDeen.com