Raging Stallion Studios Releases Tat-Themed 'Under My Skin 2'

SAN FRANCISCO — Gay adult producer Raging Stallion Studios has announced the release of the second part of its tattoo-themed series, "Under My Skin."

Part two is described as taking fans deeper into San Francisco’s hardcore tattoo parlors and shadowy back alleys where anonymous men meet to satisfy primal urges.

Co-directors Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz capture action from a rugged cast featuring Raging Stallion Exclusives Boomer Banks and Seven Dixon, along with Draven Torres, FX Rijos, Derek Parker, Jake Jammer, Ryan Patrix, Damien Crosse and Cam Christou.

Dimarco and Cruz parallel the intense sensation of getting inked with getting banged out using performers naturally aroused by tats and grungy locales. Banks even employs a tattoo parlor chair as an erotic prop to drill his scene partner, Christou.

"'Under My Skin' is about inked up guys totally fixated on getting off," Cruz said. "The models put all of their strength and concentration into their performances. It's rough, exciting and really fucking hot."

"The action in 'Under My Skin' has the authenticity that comes with a lifetime's dedication to the art of tattoos," added Chris Ward, Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios president. "I applaud directors Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz for showcasing the edgy attitude and sexual intrigue of body art. It makes 'Under My Skin, Parts 1 & 2' one of the hottest films of the year."

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