Cosmo 'Real Talk' Talks Sportsheets' Sex in the Shower

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sex in the shower not as romantic to you as they make in the movies? One Cosmopolitan reader wrote in to the magazine, “How can I enjoy shower sex more? To me, it's just a lot of awkward positions and hot water in my face.”

While the staff assured the reader it was A-OK to just say no to soapy sex — or use sudsy time expressly for foreplay  — it also enlisted clinical sexologist Megan Andelloux from the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health to advise.

Andelloux suggested that if the reader was adamant about improving shower sex, she should try Sex In The Shower, a brand of sex toys by Sportsheets, which features suction handles and footrests that are “specially designed to make getting it on in the tub or shower easier.” Cosmo assures modest readers that if anyone asks "what that thing attached to your shower wall is," you can just say it’s for shaving.

“I would also suggest silicone lubricant because it stays on in the water,” Andelloux said, with one hazard warning: silicone lube does its job so well, it increases your slippage factor if it gets on your shower floor.

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