Carter Cruise Stars in Digital Sin's ‘Meet Carter’

LOS ANGELES — Carter Cruise is featured in a new showcase title from Digital Sin called "Meet Carter," which hits the streets Thursday.

Directed by Paul Woodcrest, the movie features Cruise in every scene performing with top talent such as Erik Everhard, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Michael Vegas and Bonnie Rotten.

“'Meet Carter' was an incredible experience,” Cruise said. “I was so blessed to work with top performers as well as having Paul Woodcrest direct! I don't normally watch my scenes, but I had to watch this because I felt very connected to the scenes, and wow. The lighting and camera angles were beautiful thanks to Paul and Eddie [Powell] at [Digital Sin]. I'm normally very critical of anything I see myself in, but this time I really felt sexy and pretty.

“It was also crazy to see how far I've come as a performer. I shocked myself with how comfortable I was on camera and how raw and honest my sexuality came across. I think this DVD is a perfect debut for me moving from amateur to more professional scenes. Of course, there is still so much to learn and improve, but it is definitely a world of difference from my earlier scenes. I can honestly say I was very happy with how the movie turned out and I can't wait to hear what my fans think!”

Cruise also said the movie shows how she can go from rough to passionate in her scenes.

“I think it shows how much I love all types of sex,” she said.