Beamonstar Reports ANME Success

BURBANK, Calif. — Beamonstar Products announced a successful showing at the recent ANME event.

The sexual enhancement products company was on hand debuting new brands and products to distributors and retailers.

"ANME is one of our favorite shows to exhibit at," CEO Jeff Bolanos said. "We always have a great time connecting with customers that we have been doing business with for years as well as new customers who don't yet carry our brands. It's also the perfect launch pad to introduce a new product into the marketplace. This year we introduced NYAGRA, a new female supplement which is an amazing female orgasm intensifier as well as our full line of Vapor products which is quickly becoming one of our top selling product lines."

Introduced a few months ago, Beamonstar noted that its vapor line is draped in point-of-sale displays making the marketability of the product line an easy sell for any retailer.

"The Vapor products have been selling like crazy for us," sales manager Clint Strunk said. "With a down economy, stores have been looking for ways to bring new customers in the door. A lot of our retailers have told us that they have customers who specifically come into their store just to get their vapor products whether it be a full kit, new atomizers, wicks, or just new e-liquid flavors. The cross promotion potential has been great because when they come in to stock up on their vapor products, they usually end up buying other products as well."

The Naked Vapor includes everything someone needs to start vaping. In addition to the kits and accessories, the company also offers a freestanding display that holds 150 bottles of e-liquid including 25 different flavors, as well as 10 Vape Kits and 10 Atomizers.

"We have made introducing a new market into adult stores as easy as possible," added Bolanos. "For one package price, a retailer gets everything they need to start making money. The Naked Vapor line is a no brainier for brick and mortar stores and we definitely saw that it is going to be a huge success based on the orders we were able to write at ANME."