Pipedream Extreme Dollz Back in Stock

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pipedream Products announced that its line of high-end blowup Pipedream Extreme Dollz are back in stock and shipping.

A representative says that for over two years there has been a shortage in premium love dolls due a halt in overseas production. 

Featuring 19 unique designs between three distinct price points, there are Entry Level, Mid Range, and Deluxe inflatable life-size love dolls to cover a variety of  niches across a spectrum of budgets.

The collection includes beginner’s dolls with printed faces and PVC pussies and asses, as well as advanced dolls with 3D-molded heads and removable Fanta Flesh pussies and asses.

"You wouldn't believe how many emails we get every day from retailers and fans waiting for our high-end inflatable dolls to come back in stock," said Rob Phaneuf,  vice president of development at Pipedream. "With this collection, we’ve filled a void in the market and deliver products that customers and fans have been asking for. We offer something for everyone and once again have created unique products that no other manufacturer can offer."

Within the assortment of Dollz are new designs catering to fresh markets, including Big Beautiful Becky (BBW) and the doggy-style Kneeling Nikki love doll. The premium tier of Dollz features detailed, 3D-formed heads with realistic hair and eyelashes, lifelike hands and feet with painted nails, arms that swivel 360-degrees, firm breasts with soft silicone nipples, and removable Fanta Flesh pussies and asses that are easy to clean and can be used for handheld masturbation.

All Deluxe and Mid Range Dollz come with an inflation pump, vinyl repair kit and instructions. The Mid Range Dollz feature popular fetish categories like big tits (Mona Mountains) and MILF (Katie Cougar), and feature 3D-molded faces with lifelike hair, inflatable breasts with soft nipples, and realistic pussies, cocks and asses.

Entry Level Dollz like the Sally Surprise TS love doll and Slutty Sisters twin love dolls, feature printed faces of the model on the box, soft open mouths, blowup breasts, lifelike pussies and asses, and vinyl repair kits. The manufacturer also offers three male love Dollz, one per price point, each sporting a lifelike cock.

For more info about Pipedream Products, contact Sabrina Dropkick via e-mail atsabrina@pipedreamproducts.com.