Trigg Labs' Viral Videos Top 4.5 Million Views

LOS ANGELES — More than a dozen videos produced by Trigg Labs, makers of Wet personal lubricants, topped a total of 4.5 million YouTube views in the past year, the company announced.

“The viral popularity of our promotional videos shows a strong audience resonance with our messages and products,” said Jennifer Martsolf, vice president of marketing.

She added, “We are all about fresh, clean, sexy, fun at Wet. Videos are a great way to showcase our products and have fun with the Wet brand. As we always say, ‘Wet lubricants — a formula for every desire.’ Stay tuned…there’s a lot more to come.”

Wet’s 14 most viral videos include the Lube Olympics with 1,980,187 views combined; Davey Wavey Swims (908,245 views); Wet Girls Lubed Up (359,138 views); Wet Nuru Massage (289,580 views); Laci Green & Davey Wavey Butt Sex (242,106 views) and Davey Wavey & Laci Green Lube Challenge (147,409 views).

Also popular were Lube Your Tube (112,167 views); Nek Minnit (101,338 views); Nuru Massage (98,121 views); Outrageous Knight in Shining Armor Proposal (91,236 views); Wet® Audition for Funniest Uses for Lube (71,425 views); Kicesie Factory Tour (33,089 views); and Bachelor of the Month(21,548 views) — a close up look at Trigg Labs’ founder and CEO Michael Trigg and what he was looking for in life and love in the ‘80’s.