FameDollars Taps Marketing Vet Phil Balayan

MONTREAL — Gamma Entertainment announced today that Phil Balayan has joined the affiliate program FameDollars as its new senior marketing manager.

In his new role, Balayan will be responsible in overseeing partner relations, strengthening core product offerings, refining all the existing processes and testing out new ways to build a great experience for FameDollars' affiliates and customers.

"I'm truly excited to welcome Phil as my marketing right-hand man,” said Magalie Rheault, director of product and development. As our team's new senior marketing manager, Phil will be responsible for maximizing our revenues and exposure while managing our growing team of sales and marketing experts."

She added, "Coming from outside our industry, he will bring some fresh ideas and really help us bring our sites to the next level in the coming year. We have lots to do and that's quite the challenge, but the whole team and myself feel confident that Phil is the right person to make it all happen.”

Prior to joining FameDollars, Balayan was the exhibitor sales director for a trade show and meeting industry mobile app vendor. Before that, he did mostly ad agency work, but has also dabbled in eclectic endeavors like launching and marketing his own clothing lines, building private skate parks and art spaces around Montreal, co-running a booking agency, all the while doing business consulting and branding, with a strong emphasis on business development, brand development and e-commerce.

"This is a dream job for a marketing monster like me," Balayan said. "My 15-plus years of career boil down to me being customer-obsessed and process-orientated. To me, it's about 80 percent making things work better, which means making them the very best with what we have at our disposal. The other 20 percent is thinking about what we should do that no one else is doing — and testing the heck out of it.”

Part of his action plan is to implement a constant stream of quality content and improving existing features by staying on top of what's hot and trending. Affiliate feedback is also crucial, he says, as "new marketing resources will be created to assist them in driving more traffic to their site and targeting better customers to get their desired conversions."

"What it all boils down, all that consumes me these days, is to make awesome porn," Balayan said.