Passionate Playground Launches Joyboxx

SEATTLE — Passionate Playground announces its first product release, Joyboxx — a hygenic and lockable adult pleasure product storage system.

Invented by Deborah Semer, 30-year industry vet Phyllis Heppenstall served as the advisor and investor for Passionate Playground.

“We must address the cleanliness of our adult ‘toys’ with the same passion that we use them,” Heppenstall said. “Finally here’s the product that all consumers need to address this void.”

Passionate Playground has launched an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for Joyboxx that runs through Aug. 8.

The patent pending Joyboxx with Playtray is set to debut in retail stores and online around the world in late summer/early fall, the company said.

Semer states, “The Joyboxx isn’t just any plastic box you can pick up at your favorite major retail store, it’s an innovative storage system designed to address the particular issues from the beginning, middle and end of pleasure product enjoyment.”

The Joyboxx storage system is made with dishwasher-safe, polypropylene (PP), a recyclable plastic used in most food product packaging such as yogurt containers. PP is BPA and phthalate-free, and odorless so it won’t “off-gas” into sex toys or cause a chemical meltdown with lubricants, body fluids, and sex toy materials.

Passionate Playground also incorporated an antimicrobial additive into the plastic during manufacturing, making Joyboxx. Additionally, to facilitate moisture evaporation, there are 10 hidden ventilation holes and one larger hole made for a USB/AC vibrator to charge discreetly inside.

The company points out that Joyboxx is not “self-cleaning” — users still need to practice good hygiene and clean their toys.

The sleek, sexy design measures approximately 11” x 6” x 4”on the interior. The Joyboxx features an easy access top compartment for smaller lightweight items such as condoms, lube, batteries, lip balm or mints and will fit into a nightstand.

To access the main compartment, if not using the included mini combo lock for security, the Joyboxx features a sliding, (quiet) child-resistant slider. Inside is the Playtray, a removable divider that gives consumers a place to rest, transport, clean, dry and organize their toys.

For more information, email, or call (206) 414-1805.