Vicky Vette Trends on Twitter During Indonesian Presidential Elections

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Adult star and web sensation Vicky Vette became a trending topic in Indonesia on Monday after she tweeted hashtag support for Indonesian presidential candidate Joko WiDodo (known on Twitter as #Jokowi), who is likely to win the national election tomorrow.

Vette joined singers Sting and Jason Mraz who also used Twitter to rally support for Jokowi. Vette is one of the “most followed” adult stars with more than 654,000 Twitter followers.

Because Jokowi is thought to be one of the more forward-thinking, pro-democratic presidential candidates, his election could have a major impact on censorship and restrictions on the Internet in that country.

''No one is more surprised I have so many fans in Indonesia than me. I am an adult star popular in a predominately Muslim country that blocks any adult material,” Vette said. “It almost feels like Indonesia is my adopted country. The people of Indonesia have long had a military government that cracks down against freedom of speech, democracy and Internet rights."

Vette gained recognition in Indonesia after becoming the third porn star to ever star in a motion picture released in that country (“Pacu Hantar Periwan,” loosely translated as “Virgin Ghost's Girlfriend”), along with Tera Patrick and Sasha Grey.

She says she has made national headlines in Indonesia for, among other things, tweeting current president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono after he joined Twitter, tweeting against the two-year imprisonment given to a famous singer after a sex tape was released, and her support for the national football team.

Vetted added, "If in my small way I can do something to support change, it's a great use of Twitter other than just to flash topless pictures. According to Twitter, my profile gets about 2.5 million views every week. It's good to do something positive with that Twitter reach."

Amongst sundry industry accolades, Vette picked up the 2014 XBIZ Award for Performer Site of the Year and was named XBIZ's Best Webstar in 2013.