DIMOCO Publishes European Mobile Messaging Market Report

BRUNN AM GEBIRGE, Austria — DIMOCO has announced its study on the mobile messaging market that shows the development, usage and the opportunities for the European application-to-person (A2P), and person-to-application (P2A) markets.

The company cited research company Portio Research that forecasts an increase from 184 billion text messages in 2012, to 283 billion text messages in 2017. France, the U.K., Italy, Germany and Turkey are the top five European A2P and P2A markets.

“SMS is and will remain an important market in the future. When we think about companies communicating with their customers and vice versa, there are many possibilities to use the mobile messaging channel. The application-to-person and the person-to-application segment is a strong growth market,” DIMOCO CEO Gerald Tauchner said.

DIMOCO noted that companies from various industries use mobile messaging for all enterprise areas. Speed, reliability, price and direct reach are the key drivers of the growing business.

“With the increasing focus on mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile health, we believe that the contribution of the A2P/P2A-category will increase over the next years. According to our forecasts, close to a quarter of total text messages will either originate from or terminate at an application server by the end of 2017,” said Karl Whitfield, Portio Research managing director.

Topping the A2P and P2A SMS markets in 2012 according to Portio are France with 32.9 billion A2P and P2A SMS, the U.K. with 26.6 billion A2P and P2A SMS, Italy logged in with 17.4 billion A2P and P2A SMS, Germany had 11.5 billion A2P and P2A SMS, and Turkey came in with 10.5 billion A2P and P2A SMS.

According to Portio, the range of industries that used mobile messaging in 2013 and 2014 is broad, and includes financial services, gambling, medical and health, real estate, retailers, news, sports, automotive, HR and internal communications, schools and colleges.

The market research company sees A2P SMS rolling out within all areas of a company including internal communications and logistics, supply chain and supplier communications, customer confirmations, orders and passwords, and more.

“The key factors behind why companies favor mobile messaging are speed, reliability, price and the direct reach,” Tauchner added. “With our direct connections to mobile network operators we offer business customers the ideal way of using A2P and P2A SMS in their communication process.”

DIMOCO said it is offering companies one and two-way messaging as well as direct messaging products. The service features high throughput rates, optimum transmission speed, price advantages, easy integration into the customers’ application, fast access to the DIMOCO hub, and high security standards.

The mobile messaging infographic can be seen here.