Jimmyjane Opens Full-Service Showroom in Los Angeles

SAN FRANCISCO — This week, Jimmyjane has opened the doors to a new full-service showroom in Los Angeles.

The company, which is headquartered in San Francisco, says it is looking to expand its presence in the Los Angeles area, and also to offer a new level of service to their prospective and existing retail partners.

According to the company, the facility will be a think-tank to foster creative conception, think of new ideas for partnership, and strategize platforms for merchandising. It will also provide an environment to educate customers, allowing them to touch and review the product line in a comfortable, private atmosphere. 

The Jimmyjane showroom was conceived as a creative environment for Jimmyjane and their clients to use for meetings, educational seminars and product reviews. It is also a place to review and plan merchandising collateral and prototypes.

The 1,500-plus square foot showroom, is located in Chatsworth, Calif. It features an office, a display area, a conference area, and a kitchen and bar space for more casual work sessions. It will be home to the Jimmyjane sales team, including Alicia Sinclair, VP of worldwide sales and business development, and Katie Reifman, sales account executive, who joined the team in May.

“Jimmyjane has always had a focus on quality, innovation and integrity in our products,” said Sinclair, who will be managing the showroom. “We wanted to bring these qualities to the way we do business with our retailers. We’re excited to invite retailers to a space where we can collaborate and share the depth of our brand and creative capabilities. If you are in the area, please schedule a meeting with us, or just stop by to see the line over a cup of coffee or cocktail.”

The showroom is open for appointments or drop-in and is located at 9145 Owensmouth, in Chatsworth.

To schedule meetings and for further sales inquiries, contact Sinclair at sales@jimmyjane.com  or call (415) 864-3474, ext. 316.