Jelique Releases New POP Display for Pure Instinct Perfume

Lila Gray

ODESSA, Fla. — Intimate personal care product manufacturer Jelique has unveiled a new point-of-purchase display (POP) for the solid form of its Pure Instinct pheromone-infused perfume.

Pure Instinct was originally released in essential oil form in 1998 and is now available as a solid perfume made with a soy wax base.

Jelique Founder and President Angel Welker says that the new POP display was made available to make it easier for retailers to display the product and increase sales.

"Men and women of all sexual orientations have discovered the benefit of our Pure Instinct sex attractant cologne," Welker said. "The original essential oil has been a proven seller for over fifteen years, and the new Solid Pure Instinct is quickly gaining momentum among consumers. By popular demand, we designed this new POP display for Solid Pure Instinct as a way to help retailers display the product and increase sales."

According to Welker, Solid Pure Instinct is gender neutral and has been formulated not to be over powering and can be worn by itself or used to enhance the wearer's favorite perfume or cologne. Solid Pure Instinct tins each weigh 17 grams and the new POP display contains 24 tins.

"We've designed the new POP display to make it easier for retailers to display the product without taking up too much real estate in their stores,” Welker added. “We're confident stores that carry the new point of purchase display will see an increase in sales for Pure Instinct."

The Pure Instinct Pheromone Infused Solid Perfume POP display is 6 X 4- X 5.4-inches and is now available for immediate shipment. For more information or to place an order, email