Calif. Legislature to Hear AB 1576 on Aug. 4

Rhett Pardon

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California's Legislature will take a one-month breather before weighing again the topic of porn and condoms.

The state Senate Appropriations Committee today slated a Monday, Aug. 4, hearing for AB 1576, the bill that would mandate condom use on all adult productions shot in California.

If the majority of the seven members on the committee vote for passage of the bill, it would move on to the full state Senate.  The Aug. 4 hearing, slated for 10 a.m., has more than 100 bills slated on its agenda.

The state Senate comprises Sens. Kevin de León, Mimi Walters, Ted Gaines, Jerry Hill, Ricardo Lara, Alex Padilla and Darrell Steinberg.

Last week, the state Senate and Labor Relation panel passed the bill 3-1.

AB 1576 requires a minimum 14-day employer-paid testing protocol and use of a condom or barrier device in the production of adult film.

The bill also mandates that porn production companies keep confidential employee health records indefinitely, use "plastic and other disposable materials" to clean sets and provide all employees with a safety training program.