World Cup of Sex: LELO Survey Shows Which Country Scores More

STOCKHOLM — With shock wins, premature eliminations and enough bizarre moments to keep us talking until 2018, the World Cup in Brazil has been a wild ride so far.

But it’s not the only recent competition chock full of biting, disappointment, satisfaction and ups and downs.

Luxury sex toy brand LELO has been conducting a wide-scale global sex survey annually since 2009 and this year says it has pulled off its biggest one yet. With more than 30 countries involved and more than 35,000 21-55 year olds surveyed so far, LELO compared stats from countries that participated in the World Cup to see who the real “winners” are.

So, who will it be (drumroll) — Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Chile, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland or the U.S.?  

LELO wrote in a blog post, “We looked closely at the funny old game — sex — and compared which World Cup teams lose in the bedroom but win on the pitch, which has the most stamina, which plays dirtiest and which goes the longest. We know who scores the most, who cheats the most, who goes down easiest and who likes to watch from the sidelines. And today, we’re ready to share.”

Alongside the raw stats, LELO provides highlights on the sidelines. For example, Switzerland is leading with reported number of partners, with 26 percent of people claiming to have 20-plus bedmates. Following suit with widespread expectations, France took the gold for rate of cheating, with 75 percent of respondents admitting to straying outside of the home court.

Latin Americans are “faking” champions, but to be fair, half of all sexually active adults say they have faked an orgasm at least once in their sexual history. Meanwhile, England vibrates way above the rest, with a whopping 94 percent of respondents admitting that they have used or own a sex toy — and 4 percent of those queried own 16 or more toys!

When push comes to thrust, all the countries won in at least one respect — 79 percent of the world’s population reports that they are satisfied with their sex lives, with Greece and England tied for first place as the most satisfied.  

Check out the full survey here.