Gamelink Gets Exclusive on Smash Pictures' 'Owner Gets Clipped'

SAN FRANCISCO — Porn Valley could not let Donald Sterling's fall from grace go unremarked, so it offers its own fictionalized, sexualized version of recent events in Smash Pictures' "Owner Gets Clipped," starring mainstay porn actor Kyle Stone as "Dick Spermling" and now available exclusively on

Stone, 50, is a 22-year veteran of adult films. He has even played Donald Trump in two different "Apprentice" porn parodies. When the Sterling scandal broke, Stone says, friends told him to expect a call to play the embattled Clippers owner's porn alter-ego. "They can't have some 22-year-old playing an 80-year-old man," he says.

That call came in May from writer/ director Jim Powers, who has directed hundreds of adult videos. "Owner Gets Clipped" was shot over Memorial Day weekend ("Well, not all three days," Stone says. "The Saturday and the Monday").

Like the Sarah Palin porn parodies that were turned around in a matter of weeks prior to the 2008 election, the full-length "Owner Gets Clipped" will be available July 1.

For parody purposes, all of the names are changed (Yasmine De Leon plays Z, for example, not to be confused with V. Stiviano) but savvy viewers can probably pick out whom "Magic J" is meant to be.

Hot-button issues of race, sexually-transmitted diseases, and May-December romances abound in the condom-only film. The cover finds Spermling declaring "I am not a racist" and his wife, "Sissy" (played by porn icon Nina Hartley) taking her pick from her husband's locker room.

Stone has two sex scenes in the movie: one with De Leon and the other with Harley Deen, both of whom he describes as "really sweet."

"Believe it or no," Stone says, "(I'm 50) and I still know how to (copulate)."