Beamonstar Products Rolls Out New Sweeten69 Cherry Flavor

PHOENIX — Beamonstar Products has released its sexual enhancement product Sweeten69 in a new cherry flavor.

Sweeten69 is an all-natural chewable tablet for women and men that reportedly sweetens the flavor of your secretions as you climax.

"Sweeten69 has been a leading sexual enhancement product since we launched the brand," Beamonstar CEO Jeff Bolanos said. "We have put so much into formulating and making Sweeten69 really be able to change the flavor of bodily secretions. Although the brand has competition, Sweeten69 is the only chewable tablet that really does work. We know that our new cherry flavor is just going to expand the brand even more."

According to Bolanos, Sweeten69 works by balancing your body’s pH levels to make your orgasms taste better. It is also an easier solution for the taste-conscious than changing one’s entire diet — the oft-proposed means to manage orgasm flavor.    

Sweeten69 Cherry Flavor comes in counter displays of 12 pouches, as well as 15- and 30-count bottles. Beamonstar will also be introducing new packaging for both flavors at ANME, which sports a clear tube with a screw-on lid.

The company says the new packaging is great for the customer that is “on the go.” Retailers and distributors are invited to set up a meeting at ANME to check out the new packaging and pick-up samples.

“The fun is chewing the tablet versus swallowing a pill,” Bolanos added. “It gets customers more motivated for oral sex. Sweeten69 is the go-to brand for consumers looking for more self confidence. We all want to look and smell good, and now we can taste great as well.”

Beamonstar has been on a company expansion trajectory in 2014, introducing new variations of its products as well as venturing into new markets like e-vapes and e-liquids. The company also recently announced that it has inked a deal to be the exclusive distributor for male supplements ExtenZe and Eroforte in the adult market.

For more information about Sweeten69 or any other Beamonstar Product, or to set up an appointment for ANME, contact Clint Strunk.