Sportsheets, Rock On Sponsor Sienna Sinclaire's 'Naughty Fetish Dinner'

LOS ANGELES — Sienna Sinclaire, author of the "Naughty Girl's Guide” to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, hosted another interactive event, the Naughty Fetish Dinner Party, for erotic-minded guests in Los Angeles. 

The event was co-hosted by Sportsheets, which brought an array of kinky products from its Sex & Mischief (S&M) collection, and Rock On, which gave guests its signature “Horney Juice” arousal drink.

Organized as a gothic-style sit-down three course dinner, voluntary slaves served food prepared by a professional chef.

Guests were encouraged to come dressed in their best fetish attire and bring their own slave if they had one — or try and convert their significant other for the evening.

Entertainment for the evening consisted of contortionist acts and fetish performances by Sin Fisted and her team of performers.

During the after party, Mistress Justine Cross dished out spankings and attendees were invited to play with their dates or each other.

Guests were also encouraged to play fetish-themed games in order to win prizes from Sportsheets’ Sex & Mischief collection.

“This event was perfect for anyone who wanted to step inside the fetish world and try something kinky or who just wanted to be a naughty voyeur,” Sienna Sinclaire said.

Mistress Justine Cross's dungeon, Dungeon West, hosted the Naughty Fetish Dinner Party.

Sinclaire’s previous themed events include the Topless Dinner Party, Naughty Party Bus of L.A., Naughty Candy Land Event and others.

She has announced a forthcoming event, Topless Drive-In Movie and Sexy Sock Hop. For tickets, click here