New Starlet Judas Available for Booking

HOLLYWOOD — She looks young enough to be an actual schoolgirl dressed in a seductive dark outfit that would make Britney Spears blush, but make no mistake, newcomer Judas is down for adult sex and a devilish good time.

The twenty one year old Houston, Texas native is a five foot, hundred-pound dynamo that is new on the LA porn scene and looking to get banged.

“I was born to fuck [and] I’m here to make the leap into porn stardom and I might even be dirtier than Belladonna,” Judas says. “I might shove a baseball bat up my ass because assholes are meant to stretch aren’t they?”

“I’ve always been horny and I’ve been addicted to porn since forever, so this was always on my to-do-list. I love sex in every position and want to hook up with men and women,” Judas adds. “Sex is full of filth and it’s dirty but in a good way. I guess you could call it the sweetness of sin.”

Judas is not your typical young lady looking for fame…

“Judas is completely different from any girl we’ve ever booked," states director Will Ryder. “Just one look made us curious as to what was going on with this chick but none of us expected what we would soon hear coming out of mouth.”

Judas is in love with Satan, but “in a cool way.”

“If I could I would have sex with Lucifer,” Judas says. “When I have sex with people I fuck like I’m possessed.”

“I didn't know if I should have run, screamed or hid,” Ryder remarked. “I was a bit freaked out at first.  But then I realized apart from the devil stuff she is pretty cool.”

Ryder has cast her in his upcoming movie, “Charles Manson XXX,” a 1960’s hippie love story about the Manson Family. Also cast by Hustler Video for an upcoming shoot, Judas is on her way to fulfilling her sexual objectives.

“Listen, don’t be afraid of me, I’m just looking to have fun and get laid,” Judas says. “If you’re not down for that, find another slut.”

To book Judas, e-mail