Jodi Taylor Stars in New Releases From New Sensations, Sweet Sinner

VENICE, Calif. — Performer Jodi Taylor announced that she is appearing in two new releases.

The starlet is feattured in "Father Figure 6" from Sweet Sinner, and "Love Is in the Air" from New Sensations, directed by James Avalon and Jacky St. James respectively.

“I'm very excited about both these releases. I just watched 'Father Figure' all the way through and it's awesome,” Taylor said. “We had a lot of fun with this one. I got to have sex with Evan Stone, which is always fun, but I'll also got a little screen time with Ava Taylor. She plays my best friend and we had a fun little ad-lib.”

She added, "James Avalon is by far one of my favorite directors. Jacky St. James is also a major favorite. My DVD with her isn't quite out yet, but it looks fantastic. Great cast, I can't wait to see it.”

Taylor noted that she has also shot with another new favorite director, James Jakodema at Digital Playground. The movie has not yet been released but Taylor said the experience “definitely stood out.”