Beamonstar Products Adds ExtenZe, EroForte to Product Lineup

Lila Gray

PHOENIX — Beamonstar Products has announced two new partnerships bringing two male enhancement supplements to its existing customer base.

ExtenZe, a leading male enhancement supplement, will now be available to the adult industry exclusively through Beamonstar Products.

"We are beyond excited to be working with ExtenZe again on an exclusive basis," Beamonstar CEO Jeff Bolanos said. "Our company has long been the standard for natural sexual enhancement supplements and to have ExtenZe entrust us with their brand for the entire adult business is a huge honor. The product is so well advertised and branded that it is an easy sell for a retailer and we are proud that ExtenZe picked us to help further their reach."

Also added to the Beamonstar family is EroForte. EroForte is an herbal formulation reportedly designed to support healthy blood flow function and provide antioxidants to guard against nutrient deficiencies, improve energy, reduce fatigue, increase mental focus, improve immune system functioning and overall improve cardiovascular health, a sales rep said.  

According to the rep, along with a healthy diet, ample rest and regular physical activity, EroForte “works with your body to intensify male functions.” Although formulated as a blood flow and male function supplement, the ingredients used in EroForte have been prescribed in traditional eastern medicine for centuries to treat various medical conditions.

Both products are available now and backed by the Beamonstar Product Guarantee.

For order inquiries, contact Clint.