Michelle Maylene, Brooke Haven to Talk 'Methodology of the Modern Male'

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Adult film stars Michelle Maylene, Brooke Haven and Sarah Jessie each contributed to the foreword of a new book by Jerod Zavistoski called “Methodology of the Modern Male.”

Available now on Amazon.com, the book is billed as “A Modern Male's Guide to Personal Excellence” complete with proven strategies for self-improvement in all areas of men’s lives with a special focus on how to interact with women.

Maylene, Haven and Zavistoski each will be guests on James Bartholet’s "Inside the Industry" radio show at LATalkRadio.com from 7 to 9 p.m. this Wednesday, when they will discuss the book.

“I love Jerod's no-holds-barred, no bullshit approach to the truth about what women really do look for in men,” Maylene, the star of Cinemax’s “Co-Ed Confidential,” says in the foreword. “All while trying to teach men to shed their vapid, vacant ‘pick-up artist/douche-bag’ habits and transform themselves into a modern male... And not just for women, I truly believe that modern men of this caliber are the leading successors of the planet. ... He hits on salient aspects of what is usually ignored by men as far as what women really want, and what they are attracted to.”

Zavistoski, a 27-year-old native of Maine, is a motivational speaker and mindset strategist who said this book is the first of a series of four that also include “Methodology of the Mind,” “Methodology of the Manic Mind,” and “Methodology of the Modern Woman.” 

“The way this whole thing started is kind of a funny story,” Zavistoski said. “I basically wrote an outline to print out and roll up into a wad of paper and bitch smack a few of my friends the next time they said I was just lucky with girls. I grew up in a trailer park in Maine. Then we moved across the country and I was thrust into Bro-town USA. Then I lived right off the boulevard in Hollywood. My life experience was so ranging. And the males I’ve observed have been so ranging.”

His “Methodology of the Modern Male” is 302 pages and covers topics such as female psychology, chivalry, edge, drive, confidence and charm. Zavistoski also discusses “bromancing,” fitness, fashion, game, approach, closing, sex and “getting out of the friend zone.”

The veteran star Haven said in her foreword, “The truth is a lot of men are misinformed and though it might not necessarily be their fault, they still have it wrong, especially in the mating ‘birds and the bees’ department.

“The last place most men would ever think to go to is to the source… Jerod however was different. He went right to the source. Jerod got good at understanding women by asking women."

Showtime “Gigolos” star Nick Hawk and Playboy Playmate Tina Jordan also contributed to the foreword.

Visit MethodologyoftheModernMale.com to get a free intro to the book. To call in live during "Inside the Industry," dial 323.203.0815 during the broadcast.