Lexington Steele Breaks Down 5-10 Year Plan

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Lexington Steele has a lot going on, above and below the belt.

While the latter has been celebrated with industry accolades and other more sensuous forms of appreciation, Steele says he is steadily sharpening his lesser known tools to eventually transition away from performing into the mainstream realm of radio and TV show hosting. Thankfully for Steele enthusiasts, that’s still 5-10 years down the line.   

Besides helming Mercenary Pictures and Lexington Steele Productions (under the Evil Angel umbrella), several ongoing series, and two membership sites — LexingtonSteele.com and LexSteele.com — he hosts “Lexington Steele Live” on Radio Temptation and “Fourth and Goal” onUStream.

“What’s cool about it is that it gives people an opportunity to be entertained by me in ways other than anything sexual,” Steele told XBIZ, referring specifically to “Fourth and Goal,” his sports-only show that covers the latest hot topics and events rocking the sports world.

“It’s completely devoid of anything sexual, and the reason why that’s important to me is because so many times people would expect me to be involved in something that is just porno,” Steele explained. “I wanted to create something that was outside, and show that there’s a lot going on that I can share with people that has nothing to do with sex.”

“Lexington Steele Live” is less excluding, and features guests that include adult actresses and other XXX compatriots, as well as mainstream actors, comedians, writers, singers, rappers, “you name it,” he said.

Steele acknowledged that adult entertainers have been gravitating to the dual role as radio or online TV host in droves as of late, likely due to an increase in the platforms’ accessibility via online channels, but believes his dedication, talent and several years of experience give him a competitive edge.

“Wanting to do it and being able to do it successfully are completely different things, he said. “There’s a level of seriousness that I think my productions have, in keeping with the way I produce my XXX movies. I run my shows with the highest caliber of production. I don’t know whether this separates me from others or not, but my main motivation is to increase my skill set to level that I will be able to transition to a wholly mainstream platform as a show host; It’s part of my 5-10 year plan. I’ve reached a point where my popularity is one thing, but can I make a living as a broadcaster? That’s where my motivation is. I’m working on doing this professionally, not just because it’s the hot thing or the fun thing to do.”  

Before breaking into adult, Steele says he harnessed the gift of gab as stock broker on Wall Street, where he worked for five and a half years. After trading in his three-piece suit for his birthday suit, Steele says he resuscitated his chatty talents for a Playboy TV gig hosting his show “Lex in the City,” which he believes many people have forgotten.

The show, that ran for two years, was formatted like “The Arsenio Hall Show” or any of the typical late-night programs that are popular today, he told XBIZ. But then, around 2005, Playboy TV canceled its entire slate of programming at once, leaving “Lex in the City” to slip into obscurity. Most recently, in 2012, Steele hosted the radio program, “Size Matters,” which morphed into “Lexington Steele Live” when he was given the opportunity to switch to a live streaming video format.

While Steele’s plan may see his evolution away from performing — a more poignantly finite career than most — he says he will always maintain his two studios: Mercenary Pictures, of which he is the sole proprietor, and continue to grow his relationship with Evil Angel via Lexington Steele Productions.

Working closely with Evil Angel director Kevin Moore, Steele is currently involved in several ongoing eclectic series, including  “Lex Turns Evil,” "LexExecutioner" (all-anal), "Lex Steele's Black Panthers" (all-ethnic), and "Lex Is a MotherFucker" (MILF). They most recently wrapped “Lex Steele’s Point of View,” a POV series.          

“My five-year plan would include my retirement from in front of the camera,” he said. “I do believe I will fully transition into hosting my own program, whether it’s on TV, radio or satellite radio, because these are things that I can do for the rest of my life, whereas I can’t be a performer for the rest of my life. So it’s just saying 'Ok, to be best prepared for one’s future, you have to begin today'.”

In the meanwhile, Steele says he’s still having a ton of fun as a stud, crediting his top-notch female co-stars. “I’ve had the luxury of working with women that truly turn me on, so that makes my job a lot easier,” Steele said.

“Lexington Steele Live” airs every Monday at 8 p.m. PST on RadioTemptation.com. “Fourth and Goal” airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m PST on UStream.tv and elsewhere.